Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photography With Malcom And Carly.

On Thursday Renee and I was teaching Malcom and Carly photography skills. Renee was teaching Carly and I was teaching Malcom. We went outside to take photos with eachather. Malcam toke 10 photos and Carly toke 7 photos we had lost of fun with Malcom and Carly.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Gymantst Competition

 On Saturday I went to a Gymnasts Competition and frist I did was the Volt my score was 13.09 next I went to the U bars my score was 14.00 after that a went to beam my score for that was 11.12 and I fall of the beam if I did not fall of I would of got a 13.12 Next we did flour my score was 12.16 we had finished our gymnasts. It was prize giving we had to wate for an hour a women side we are starting the prize giving we started with the U bars 1st came Chloe and 2nd came
Waiwai that was the best day and I got $15 from mum YES.         

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Worst Birthday Ever!

The Worst Birthday Ever!
What’s that I smell chocolate cake mm. oh it my birthday I was turning 10 my family said happy birthday. I said thank you I had some cake mm this so good my aunty made it. I asked where is my birthday present you have none WHAT! My aunty changed the subject to eating more cake I said no the phone rang. It was mum she rang to say happy birthday I ask if I had some presents she said no! It was the worst birthday ever.
By: Waimaaria

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